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Genetic Engineering Superpower

BGI Cognitive Genomics Lab researches the relationship between IQ and genetics.
The French call it l'ADN
Sequence 1m Chinese
137 Sequencing machines
Lin Lin, Embryologist
The world’s largest genome-mapping facility is found in an old shoe factory hidden away in the Shenzhen Yantian district.

The 137 sequencing machines can process 2000 samples of DNA each day.
20170112 06.4 Chris Chang, Mathematician
Zhao Bowen, director.
James Lee, psychometrician.
Laurent Tellier, Bioinformatician.
Chris Chang, Mathematician.
Steve Hsu, Theoretical Physicist.
Cognitive Genomics Lab, health wealth youth and wisdom
At 17 years old Zhao Bowen is director of the BGI Cognitive Genomics Lab which investigates the relationship between DNA and IQ.
Zhao Bowen investigates DNA IQ relationship
These are tough questions
Psychologist Rui Yang performs cognitive tests to screen participants. The questions are intentionally hard.
Beijing has 80k students each year
Beijing has 80k students each year. Only 70 have an IQ between 130 and 150.
70 have IQ above 130
BGI Ark, experimental farm
BGI Ark, experimental farm. The advantage of China is that the regulations in this field are relaxed.
We'll sequence every living thing on earth
People ought to be free
"People ought to be free to manipulate their children's IQ"
Plomin joined the IQ quest with 2000 samples from gifted Americans

It was going to take BGI quite some time to gather the 2000 samples necessary to get statistically significant results. Robert Plomin provided the shortfall with 2000 samples from gifted Americans.

Robert J. Plomin is an American psychologist best known for his work in twin studies and behavior genetics. A Review of General Psychology survey, published in 2002, ranked him as the 71st most cited psychologist of the 20th century.

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