How To Find Leads With Instagram DM


It's Going Down On Instagram DM


Imagine you want to sell websites to plumbers, build websites or do social media for small businesses.

Search Instagram Tags for plumber.
click #plumber

36,000 results.
Click a post to check them out.

Click the name to see who it is.

They're a custom design firm in Toronto, this is a B2B ad.
Click the ellipses.

Click Send Message.

Write a message.
Click [Send]

The key is to jab jab jab right hook which means give lots of value then ask for something.

Love what you're doing -
Would love to be able to bring you some value -
Are u doing anything around marketing ? - lmk - have a great day xoxoxo

Click [Send]

When people ask how do you get clients the answer is very simple, it's hand-to-hand combat, handing out virtual business cards. The reality is many people don't do it because it's hard.

If you're hungry and want to win then you'll do this 4, 6, 8 hours a day.


Another Example In The Fitness Niche

Imagine you want to do product placement, so you want an influencer to wear a hoodie, a beanie or shoes for example.


Zap love what u do .. would love to connect ...
or would love to send u my favorite wines ...
or would love to make 3/4 videos for your Instagram account on me ...
or would love to send your friends some beef jerky ...

So the key is "or" and "I would love to give you...", not -

  • can you give me a shout out;
  • can you make me famous;
  • can you give me money;
  • can you do this...

If you're asking for something, regardless from whom, then you don't have leverage so give them love. Go in soft and bring them more value first then repeat thousands of times.

Let's say you like hip-hop and Chance the Rapper. He has 2.9m followers.

Chance I make videos - I'll make u the best Instagram videos for free for an entire year ... your account will go to 7m let alone 2.9 .. I won't bother you I'll just work.. I'll need access at times but u control that .. lmk .. look at my work on my insta - much love

You gotta make sure your Instagram videos are on fire when one of his boys check it out.

You've got to do this over and over again.

Let's say you're a hairdresser, this is how they would do it.

Hey G I love your insta account - I just opened a barber shop and I'd be thrilled to give you 5 free haircuts over the next 6 months - lmk if u are interested ..


I like your Instagram account .. if u would like a free haircut come by ...

When your business is just starting out you need to give free haircuts and do this 20 or 30 times a day to get exposure. Hairdressers live by word of mouth and Instagram DM is word of mouth on steroids.

In the first contact don't say anything about getting a shout-out in return otherwise the person will think they're just after that. It's jab jab jab without the hook.

It's like sawdust, if you've got business down time why not develop relationships. If you offer something in return then 3 out of 30 will take you up on it. Hustle 24/7 on the Instagram DM.


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