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I don’t want you to think that I’m suggesting these offers because I want you to promote them for my benefit because that’s not the case. You probably wouldn’t feel comfortable promoting an offer that you haven’t used yourself but what if you were promoting something your mentor was using that is getting results like this $4k day, different story right.

First 4k day

Sean Vosler has a funnel just like this and is killing it by promoting Clickfunnels, the good thing is you can become an affiliate and start promoting it as well. You can even say “my coach Anthony Morrison uses Clickfunnels so you should too”.

TY Page Bonus section

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

CF Affiliate Bootcamp Offer

Affiliate Bootcamp is a $997 training course given away FREE to help train affiliates on how to do affiliate marketing, how to become a ClickFunnels affiliate and how the ‘Dream Car” bonus works.

Clickfunnels Free 14 Day Trial

Other good autoresponders you can promote are GetResponse and Aweber.


A lot of JVZoo offers are good software products that teach a strategy rather than business opportunities promising how to make lots of money in a short time.

Stay away from unethical offers that promote promises like making a million dollars in two days. You wouldn’t like people promoting it to you so don’t do it to other people just so you can make a dollar.

Look at the top sellers today because most of the time if you promote something that is hot right now you will get more results.

top sellers today

People need to see things several times before they buy so when you promote a product that is in the top 10 there’s a good chance people will already have seen it and your offer might just be all they need to take action.

When you look at the top sellers in the past week and past 30 days you’re looking at inside information that isn’t usually published. Don’t hesitate to promote anything in there that looks legitimate because more of them have been sold than any other product over time.

Instaeasy is a really good product from Luke Maguire that’s also worth promoting. It teaches people how to build an Instagram account to get a lot of followers, leads and make money like Kim Kardashian. Instagram has higher engagement than both Facebook and Twitter.

In selecting a product to promote ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Does it seem legit or is it too god to be true? (often just a gut check)
  • Is it something you would promote?
  • Is it something you should promote?



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