Achieving Your Greatness

You have greatness in you even if you don't believe it right now. You can achieve it and you can create success and greatness in your life.

All I want to do is bring that message to you today because I feel like we have so much negativity around us. A little dose of positivity to start your day off can go a long way.

Vic is about to be live on National TV

Vic is a student and he told his story how he came to this country, didn't have anything, could barely speak English and didn't have any money. He knew that he wanted to create greatness, he wanted to create success, he wanted to create a legacy for himself for his family for his children.

He wanted greatness for more than just money, he wanted greatness for what it would provide for the people around him. He knew his true reason why!

He started trying to do things online and didn't have much success until he found our program and he started really diving in and paying attention. It comes back to consistency and doing live trainings every single week to get in that entrepreneurial environment that you really do need if you want to be massively successful.


It got me thinking that here is a guy that came to this country with nothing who could barely speak any English, you've heard these types of stories before, and yet he can create massive success, greatness in his business. He's done over 800 orders now in his Shopify e-commerce business and again that could have been his affiliate marketing business, his Amazon business, an SEO business whatever, he just chose that path.

Anybody can do it right, you can do it, you can have success.

It all starts with the belief in yourself and with identifying your reason why.

You can have greatness but oftentimes greatness comes from drive and drive comes from knowing our real reason why, why we do what we do, the real reason you're reading this.


For Me It's My Family

I love my family I'll do anything for my family.

The greatest achievement of my life wasn't being on television, wasn't selling a million books, wasn't making millions of dollars. The greatest achievement in my life was helping my parents when they were in a tough situation.

My dad lost his entire life savings in the stock market and that's what started my business. That's the reason I'm writing this for you, it's the reason why I've done everything I've done.

It all started by helping my parents and nobody can take that away from me. My drive, my determination, my grit to be successful you couldn't take it from me, you couldn't steal it from me, you couldn't change my mind.

When I started my business I knew I was going to be successful because I had a real reason why. I knew I was gonna have greatness and do great things because I didn't give myself any other choice.

"I didn't give myself any other choice"

What I would encourage you to do today is identify your why so you can identify how to be great. You can be great at what you do, you can be so phenomenal as long as you've got a true reason, a true desire just a burning feeling inside of you.

I saw my parents struggle, I saw their marriage struggle, I saw they were about to lose their home. I just saw so many things at a young age that I don't wish on anybody right and I hope you haven't gone through something as close to home as that because that was terrible.


We all have our reason why and for me I just wanted to fix everything for my parents because I love them, and they've done so much for me.Identifying that reason why was the turning point for me, that was how I got where I'm at today. Forget the email marketing training, forget all of the nuts and bolts and the a plus b's and the formulas and the ads, forget all of that.

The true reason why I'm sitting here right now today as successful as I am is because I wanted to help someone I wanted to help my parents I wanted to help my family, I identified my why and I ran with it and nothing could slow me down nothing could stop me and nothing could get in my way.

Why Are You Here?

So if you're struggling right now if you're struggling to get started with your own internet business if you're struggling to take the business that you have and make it successful if you're struggling to determine if this is the path you want to take if this is the path that you feel comfortable with I encourage you right now to stop and take a piece of paper and a pen and I want you to write why are you here, why are you reading this.

If it's because you want to make a few dollars then it's never going to happen for you.

Is it because you want to help your family is it because you want to create a retirement for yourself is it because you want to save money for your kids college education is it because you want to help other people is it because you want to donate to causes that you're passionate about, is it one of those reasons.

Write Your Why

If it is write that down, put it on a piece of paper on a sticky note, put it on your cell phone, put it on the steering wheel of your car put it everywhere that you can visually see it and remind yourself every single day.

The reason that you're here and the reason that you're doing this is not for a few dollars it's for that charity you're going to donate to or it's for that retirement that you're pushing towards or it's for your kids future or it's to help some of those people in your life that helped you when you were down and now you want to return the favor.

Visualize Your Why Every Day

When you see that every single day and you visualize that man there's nothing greater there's nothing that will push you to greatness more than visualizing the true reason why you want to achieve it.

I encourage you to do it, I believe it will make a difference in your life I believe it will make a difference in your business I believe it will make a difference in your success.

I'm here to try my best in every single possible way to reach you so that I can help make a difference in your life because I've seen what the Internet's done to my life, I've seen how it's helped so many people around me and I just want that for you. I want that for your family and I want that for your future so take action, determine your reason why, write it down and visualize it.

I guarantee you'll have a much faster path to greatness.

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