Predictions For The Coming Decade

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman for Alphabet

Eric Schmidt
"If you want to succeed work very hard to figure out where the world will be in five years."

The Next Moonshots

Somehow we've lost the vision of imagination that we had 50 years ago. Elon Musk is quoted as saying "I want to die on Mars just not on in impact" that's a goal.

As part of Alphabet, Google X incubate new ideas that do things 10 times better. Some of them work and some of them don't, the ideas that work pay off big time.

There are going to be big changes in personalized medicine, transportation, brain research, cancer, education and construction.

Nerds Over Cattle

Cows are responsible for up to 15% of global warming so if we could figure out how to use plants to replace meat without losing any of the benefits then it would help reduce greenhouse gases and dramatically reduced the cost of food globally.

Think of it as synthetic food production from vast databases of molecules and proteins that we can now assemble.

3-D Printed Buildings

Construction is 5% of the US economy. Everybody accepts that building a house is expensive and takes a long time. With 3-D printing they will be better built, cheaper and made from recycled material.

This is another example of taking a digital design, modern efficiency and building things on an industrial scale.

Virtual Reality

Google Glass

Google Glass

Initially it will be in gaming but the real benefits are when machines assist people with their daily activities telling people where they are, what they are looking at and what matters in a scene.

Medical Revolution

Genetic Sequencing

Genetic Sequencing

CRISPR CS9 has the potential to cure diseases like cancer that have plagued us for decades.

There's a disease called diabetic retinopathy which can be detected by noting changes in blood cells at the back of the retina. Because computer imaging is now better than humans there will be fewer mistakes made when making a diagnosis.

The mobile phone is the perfect instrument to monitor your mental and physical health. Image your phone detects an anomaly in your health condition then reports it to your doctor who then gives you a call. You get a call from your doctor because we are more inclined to listen to them than follow advice from our phone.

Using healthcare records the rate of your deterioration can be predicted.

Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars

Self driving cars

One statistic predicts there will be 32,800 deaths on American roads this year, mostly young people. Doesn't it make sense to have self driving cars as quickly as possible because they can see better than us and the technology works.

Lifelong Tailored Education



We've known for years that everyone learns differently so why do we still have a static method of teaching when there is a better model.

When a new student shows up in class we can predict the best way they learn just from how they present themselves and adjust it along the way. These augmentation tools are delivered with teachers not online.

This can be done at scale globally and personally.

Artificial Intelligence

AI assisted decision making

AI assisted decision making

This will be like combining a scientist's intuition with the speed of computation to come up with new solutions.

Alphabets core goal is to make people smarter by having computers help them.


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