5 Reasons To Be An Email Marketer

5 Reasons To Be An Email Marketer

These are the top reasons email marketing should be the type of business you pursue.

  1. Penetration:
    95% of email accounts are used and 91% check their account daily. Email is not competing with all the other social media. If you want leads to your business or with just a list you're in business.
  2. Reach:
    Your email reaches more people than anything else. You can have a million fans on Instagram but that doesn't mean they will all see every post you make. 
    If you send an email to 100k people then most of them will get and open the email. Email gives you reach and allows you to generate revenue quickly.
  3. Longevity:
    It's not typical for a business to have a customer over many years but it is typical with email marketing.
  4. ROI:
    You're able to promote multiple times to the same subscriber over many years. Not many business models allow you to pay once to acquire a subscriber and then generate revenue multiple times.
  5. Personalisation:
    If you want lifetime customers then you need to have a personal approach and your email inbox is personal.

Those are 5 reasons why you should be starting your own email marketing business. The hardest part is building your first list.


Is this a logical decision?

It's not hyped up and emotional, it's logical. When you have an email marketing business you control your destiny, your future, you control your earning potential.

There's no time like right now to make a change that will make a difference in your life. You have the potential to build your own business even if you don't believe it yourself, even if other people tell you you can't do it with a massive community of people who will support you.

It's all about helping each other, picking you up when you're down, motivating you when you're feeling bad, it's about congratulating you when you doing great but it all starts with taking action and becoming a student.

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