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5 Books by Paul Counse

For the last 18 years Paul Counsel has been teaching people how to create wealth and how to create extra cash flow.

He has spoken on topics of making businesses more profitable, on real estate, online marketing and the psychology of sales and marketing. Paul has written 5 books on the psychology and mechanics of wealth and what you need to do to set yourself up.

Residual Income

In 2006 Paul wrote Residual Income, an expose of what he perceived was about to take place, warning people of the coming crash, which came about in 2008.

Since then Paul has talked about the level of social engineering around money and why people never achieve the level of financial freedom they say they want.

For the past 18 years Paul has been making economic updates and every couple of years will talk about the trends and what is available to people. He has never been more concerned than he is now at the level of risk in almost every market.

Experts are warning us about all these bubbles in the stock market, the bond market and the real estate market that are about to burst across developed nations.

The money you earn is decreasing in value relative to rising costs and inflation. It's also worth less thanks to all the money printing that's going on.

He thought how can I bring value to people in the face of all these enormous risks without taking on more risk.

What he would like to show you in an upcoming webinar is how you can multiply the money you've already got without having to learn a lot of new skills, so you can give yourself a sense of financial Independence  and financial security.

If you're really interested in learning how you can multiply the money you've already got just by doing this one simple thing, then register bleow.

Mechanics of Wealth

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