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Trends and Opportunities to Raise Your Income

If you don't have a lot of money you don't have to be in that place right now, not in the modern world with the Internet economy because there is more opportunity now than there has ever been.

This is one of the most cutting edge trends which you can be one of this first to get into. You need to catch trends if you want financial freedom.

This program teaches people how to get businesses locally and around the world to pay between $1,000 to $10,000 per month. Just think how your life would change  even if you did this part time with an extra $1,000 each month, that can go a long way.

You've just got to start then when you're making $1000 a month you can grow to 10,000 a month until you're where Tai where he won't even consider a business venture if it doesn't make 1 to 10 million per month.


The media is going to say this isn't possible that it's a scam a get rich quick scheme but the truth is there are people doing it every day.

Proof of people making it work. It doesn't work for everyone because not everyone follows all the steps necessary. Just because a million people buy a book doesn't mean a million people are going to take action on what is in the book.

When Tai was living in a mobile home sleeping on the couch with only $47 in the bank he remembers reading a book by Tony Robbins that said when you succeed you party but when you fail you ponder. All great things come from the moment you ponder.

You might be in a hard place right now but get excited. You can change your situation when you get mentors, learn systems, get a map and templates from people who already know how to make money. Then you implement their systems in your life.

Share your secrets but not all of them but sometimes you can be really candid and open with people. This is available now but it won't stay up for ever so if you miss it now don't go emailing support.

When Warren Buffett presents a business deal he warns them that if they don't want it he's gonna move on and when he moves on he doesn't come back. You snooze you lose.


How Do You Get Businesses To Pay You?

A lot of people will tell you that to get ahead you just have to work harder. That isn't logical in fact the opposite is true, the hardest workers in the world make the least just look at restaurant workers.

Who do you think is making more the restaurant owner or the chef. If your strategy is just to work harder to make a higher income then you're kidding yourself.

Warren Buffett reads 8 hours a day and pays himself 8 million a month. He's not working harder, he's just working smarter, less stressed and more relaxed than other people.

If you don't understand the need to work smarter to increase your earnings then I can't help you. As a rule in life try to get twice as much done in half the time because income will go up and stress will go down.

The measure of wealth is how busy your schedule is. True wealth is doing whatever you want on your time.

Whether it's Snapchatting courtside of the Laker game or speaking at Harvard it's all about freedom doing what you want. Chartering a Gulfstream G4 jet saves time and it has a couch going from LA to Boston in five and a half hours.

Life wasn't always this way.

Think about how many businesses are around you right now. There's about 20 million small businesses in the United States alone and their number one problem is getting customers.

If you become a customer acquisition expert and say to them you can get more customers You save time if they pay some money, they will always say yes as long as you live up to if not exceed their expectations.

When you have that skill you can walk into any company with confidence and say you can get them more customers if they pay you a percentage or a flat fee. People are talking about bubbles and unemployment but with 20 million businesses you won't be out of work.

And there will be a recession because they come every five to 10 years and the last one was in 2008. We've had a period of expansion then it will contract like it has done for centuries but It doesn't have to affect you if you prepare.

Everybody needs money even the Amish because they have to pay taxes, buy land and things they can't grow. The point is there are 20 million businesses out there that need help.


Let's say you're broke, you don't have any money, well how do you find it?

The solution is easy... you identify a trending opportunity then be a first mover at the beginning.

Every billionaire at some stage of their life was where you are now, without money. Mark Zuckerberg wasn't the first to create a social networking site, there was Friendster and MySpace before Facebook but he saw the opportunity and took advantage of being an early adopter, learning from the mistakes of others to make his better.


If you do this strategy you put in 1/2 the work for 2 x results or more.

If you have an idea and someone else is already doing it don't freak out as long as not too many people are doing it.

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Mark Cuban are not working as hard as teachers, nurses, construction workers, restaurant staff or single mothers. It's just a fact that to get ahead you need to work smarter and the sooner you deal with facts the sooner you'll earn more.

One of the things this book talks about is not repeating mistakes because you learn from them.

If you see a situation in the world that isn't fair then the best way to improve it is to empower yourself. When you're broke you don't have time to help other people but when you have money you can help them.

In 2001 Jeff Bezos create a decided to sell things online and everyone was laughing at him when Walmart and JC Penney were making more online. He saw an opportunity quit his job and borrowed $200k from friends and family to become a first mover. Now he has a personal net worth of 60 billion.

When you are making 60,000 million dollars nobody tells you what to do you make your own schedule and do whatever you want.

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