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Tai recently spoke at Harvard and the students came up to him saying oh yeah we know who you are our marketing professor shows some of your videos.

"Do you think a marketing professor knows jack shit about social media? "

Maybe they know a few things he doesn't know, but he knows a lot of stuff they don't because they haven't seen the dashboard of his analytics. You'll be hard pressed to find someone that has spent more on social media than Tai.

Do you think a marketing professor knows

A friend of Tai's lives down the street and the first person to hire him as an entrepreneur was Donald Trump.

We are living in an interesting time when the playing field has shifted. Never before has the US had an entrepreneur for president, he's a social media president.

20170126 02 That's my exact point
It doesn't matter if you like Trump or not just listen to what I'm saying. The world wanted a change and the only way it was going to know about the solution was if Trump could tell them through social media.
Twitter Made Trump Big

Another person that is very good on social media is Barack Obama.

He posted that he couldn't get to Palm Springs and got 1.7 million likes with 700,000 retweets, that is on heard of. Obama got in before social media was big in 2008 and it was primarily email marketing that put him in the office because that is how he got the word out.

Obama got 1.7 million likes

If you have a business or you want to get paid by a business what is their number one problem? They have a great product but nobody knows about it.

The Staples Centre stadium where the Los Angeles Lakers play holds 18,000 people. Tai went live on Facebook and Instagram for a short time in the morning and had 24,000 people on Instagram and 30,000 on Facebook, 55,000 people just like that.

Imagine having 2 and a 1/2 times the Staples Centre audience watching with $700 phones.

Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton or Obama go live like you should.

Land, labour and capital are the three factors of production and traditionally older people have had the advantage of having more capital. The only time in history that young people make more money than older people is when there is a shift.

What is Businesses number one problem

There are so many 18 and 19-year-olds making a lot of money just by using social media properly. If you're an older person you better get with the program or you'll get destroyed by younger people.

If you are an older person you have the advantage of capital and all you have to do is see the trend and get with the program. It's not even hard to see any more.

The estimated net worth of Sam Walton if he didn't transfer it around his family is 160 billion dollars. Walmart is getting destroyed by Amazon and they are shutting down stores because Jeff Bezos caught a trend.

The reason Apple is bigger than Microsoft is because Bill Gates didn't think the Internet would be big in the 90s. Steve Jobs caught the trend and now Apple is bigger than Microsoft and Amazon, worth $700 billion.

It's not even hard to see

I'm not trying to hard sell you on this program I just don't want any annoying or cynical people in it. When you have enough money it's called fuck you money and you don't have to care about arseholes.

One person in a hundred people that you meet will be an amazing awesome person, they are the kind of people you want to work with.

A lot of people sitting at home probably think social media is a scary thing to do. They understand that there is money to be made but they don't know how to get over the intimidation.

It's called fuck you money.

Fear Living A Crappy Life

Let's make it quick and easy and remove the fear. The only thing you should fear is living a crappy life, it should be an obsession but so many people are obsessed about the wrong thing.

If you are worried about leaving your job to try something new but fear that it won't work out then you can always go and get another job. It's not a logical fear because you can go back and get another job.

People fear being trapped in the system with a mindless cubicle 9-to-5 job when all they look forward to is thank God it's Friday then oh no it's Monday again. If you hate Monday to Thursday and most of Friday that means you hate 70% of your life and you only look forward to Friday night Saturday and Sunday.

Do you call that a good life?

You can always get another job.

Even in the worst US economy in history 6 people out of 100 couldn't get a job.

People should be petrified of waking up in one year, five or 10 years time and saying nothing basically awesome happened in my life. The fact that most people are not afraid of having a boring status quo cubicle Dilbert life is worrying.

All fears need to be redirected into true fears, of coming to the end of your days looking back with regret and saying I could have done that.

Jeff Bezos calls that the regret minimisation framework. Live life to minimise regret not to minimise temporary losses or stress.

People are afraid of posting their personal life on social media because they're afraid of what people will think of them. That should make you excited because anyone that talks shit about you will show you their true colours and you can cut them out of your life.

You should post stuff that pisses people off so all of your fake friends come to the surface and it's just like cooking, you skim them right off and put them in the trash.

You don't have to have a heart attack about getting into the program.

There's a 100% money back guarantee. If you go through the program and after four months you don't think you've learnt enough to get a business to pay you 1 to $10,000 a month you can have your money back.

College students are in an estimated debt to the tune of $1.2 trillion. That's just institutional debt what isn't taken into account is the amount of money borrowed from parents which would bring it closer to $2 trillion.

So you go to college for four years and come out with a debt $40,000 and a degree for a job that you don't even want to do. Do you think you can go back and say you guys didn't tell me that this wouldn't be useful for life I want a refund.

If you go anywhere else and you're not happy with the product you can take it back and get a refund. If you go to a restaurant and you're not happy with the food they'll replace it or give you your money back.

A Nobel prize winner calls college a complete scam.

You can take advantage of this program go through it for four months and get your money back but people don't because they do just one lesson and think holy crap. Tai  taught an advanced persuasion course in Norway that he could charge $5,000 for.

College is a scam because there's no refund

Just go in to small local businesses and say:

"I looked at your website.
I did a free audit for you, here are the three things wrong.
You've got such a good business but without these three things you're going nowhere, you're losing customers, you're probably losing a 1,000 bucks a day in customers.
Pay me from $1,000 to $10,000 a month, I've got 3 different packages and I'll fix this for you. You can cancel at any time."


You can cancel anytime.


This program is for anyone that main stream society has given up on.

  • Kala from Vabrilla Enterprises got her third client paying $1500 per month.
  • Jaiden Gross got his first client, a Chicago doctor, to pre-pay him a $20,000 cheque to manage his social media for one year.
  • Tashied got a lawyer to pay $1100 per month for a three month trial. He's a PhD student and got the client within two weeks from joining the course.
  • Hose has one client paying 30,000 per month and two clients paying 2500 per month.
  • Ven Perah first client paying left $11,000 to set up a website plus $900 per month.
  • Carlos Salzar client paying $4,997 plus another client paying $1,497 per month.
  • Diego Caceres closed a bank and a hotel in Honduras.He's only one month in and already making six figures.
  • Isaac Burns signed a dentist at 2000 a month with a $500 ad spend.
  • Drew Darby has two clients paying 1497 within the first month of joining.
  • ...

These people didn't even pay $1000 and they are making $3000 per month in their first month of the program. That's a 300% ROI that you will struggle to get in the stock market.

There's not one person in the Forbes top 10 that made it in stocks. You make your money in business.

to get started in this business you need two things, a phone and an Internet connection which you can get for free at Starbucks.

Tai got named the number one social media strategist in the world by entrepreneur.com.

His Instagram has 1.6 million followers growing at 100,000 per day. He going to surpass Coca-Cola the biggest brand in the world that spent $3 billion on marketing. Their last post got 19,000 likes, Tai's last post got 54,000 likes.

The course is priced to be fair the same as what community college costs for one quarter. if you don't like the program that's fine go and do community college.

If McDonald's is charging three dollars for a burger and you go somewhere else for the exact same burger but they charge $30 would you pay? No because it's overpriced.

You can go to community college and pay $1000 for three months to learn from some professor or you can do this program pay a thousand dollars for four months and learn from people that are actually doing it.

It's not an insult to community professors but if you want to learn jujitsu are you going to learn from a professor or a black belt?

Given the choice you would pay to learn from the best. You don't want to learn jujitsu from a fat armchair professor that only talks about it, you want to learn from someone that has had a black belt for 30 years who lives and breathes it every day.

If you want to go to community college and learn about Mesopotamian history I can't help you, that's not my thing.

People ask why don't you sell it for $50. Here's the thing, in pricing your product don't let people take advantage of you. People will gladly pay for a $1000 vacation to take the family to Disneyland which has no long-term benefit and you'll never get that money back. This 4 month program is $997.

What is wrong with Harvard? This is the greatest world you and I could live in as an entrepreneur because you can just Pillage and make money everywhere.

Harvard is the most prestigious college and has 360,000 followers on Instagram. Tai had that after two months on Instagram. Their last post on Martin Luther King had a pitiful 11,000 likes.

If you want to make some money go to the Dean of Harvard and say give me a cheque for $50,000 and I'll fix it.

Mike Long is no stranger to Internet marketing and when he saw SMMA was coming out he got on the phone with Mayer and said how can I get in on this. He bought the program because he wanted to learn what Tai was doing.

The only people you should discriminate against are annoying stupid people.

Follow The Law Of 10

Follow the law of 10, figure out how to make $1000 extra per month. When you figure out how to make 1,000 bucks per month then you 10X it and add another zero. The you make a quantum leap and make 100 grand a month and you'll think it's all the money you'll ever make.

You'll find the hardest part is separating your personal life from your business life. You'll be thinking you don't want to take a vacation because you want to make money.

By 2020 70% of the Internet will be video based. Google told Tai 80% of men know him for his Lamborghini, that's a brand story.

This Is A Turning Point In History

This point in time is the opportunity of a lifetime. some of you will miss out on for some of you it will be the time everything changes.

As you look back on your life you'll see there were key turning points where your path splits do you have a choice of turning left or turning right. We all know people who made the wrong choice when they should act they hesitated and when they should've hesitated they took action.

Don't be one of those people.

The goal of this program is to get 300 people that change the education system, change the way people are motivated and pull people from rags to riches.

This program is for people of any age in any country around the world.

The true American dream is not what people think. The dream is not to get a 9-to-5 job living in the suburbs with the status quo.

Some parts of America are not ideal right now. The one great thing about America is no matter your age race or orientation people still rise from the ashes.

You don't need to get a Visa to live in the US because the Internet connects the world so you can get clients in the United States and live in Brazil. You've got beautiful weather, beautiful woman and everybody is laughing and running around happy.

The beauty about living in Brazil is when you make 10 g's a month you gonna have to hire bodyguards.

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