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The Nectar

  • This is an Instagram Influencer traffic generation model.
    Be sure the engagement on posts is 5 to 10% of the following.
  • Search IG hashtags then IG will show related influencers.
  • Pay influencers to place your post.
  • If they don't have a link but have a large following then arrange to have your link displayed.
  • Profit is made by selling focused niche related products.
  • Presentation was light on juice with a lot of hype and the usual success stories.
100k System
  • Get influencers to send traffic to your money site.
  • 50% of IG content is product.
  • IG has higher engagement than FB and Twitter.
  • IG has > 300m monthly users.
Dan Dasilva 05 Millions are using influencers
  1. Use IG to find the perfect niche.
  2. Build a store.
  3. Find products your audience want.
  4. Automate using influencers.
Shawn Petrusich 100k sales

Step 1 - Use IG to find the perfect niche

  • What do people want.
  • What are they highly engaged with.
Dan Dasilva 08 Generic Dog Store

Dive deeper

It's easier to sell a specific product to a targeted audience.

Ie. fitness > {crossfit | bodybuilding}

yoga > {acra yoga | hot yoga}

Dog > {French bulldog | pug}

Dan Dasilva 10 Deep dive

As a rule of thumb if a page has 5 to 10% engagement then it's a healthy market.

HardCoreAinsley is already sponsored by ShredzAthlete

She has 1.5m followers. Just one video has 2.1 million views.

Dan Dasilva 11 HardCoreAinsley shredder

Step 2 - Create a Shopify store

Not a specific store but a general store in a broad niche like survivalist or French Bulldog.
Dan Dasilva 13 French Bulldog

Step 3 - How can I get traffic?

Reachout to influencers and have them send you traffic

Search IG hashtags

Ie #yoga

Check engagement

Many influencers are not monetising their page.

Dan Dasilva 17 Search hashtags

Ask if they do shoutouts.

This page has 189k followers at the momment.

For $60 you can have your post on their page forever even if they grow to a million.

Dan Dasilva 20 cost for shoutout
Sometimes an influencer is not monetising their site so broker a deal to place a link.
Dan Dasilva 21 Broker a deal or place a link, done

Step 4 - Outsource the work I think...

The rest of the video went on about the course.

6 figure influencer strategy


  • Step by step training
  • $100k theme pack
  • Influencer Inner Circle
  • 15 done for you ads


Dan Dasilva 12 Not active engagement
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