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  • Sometimes it's easier to have someone build the business so you can focus on running it.
  • Do not buy stuff just because an email told you to.
  • Split test different pages to find what works.
  • Use the step method on the TYP.
  • Judge a person by your connection to the product creator not by gossip you read.

This analogy might be a lightbulb moment that helps you get started.

Most of us learnt to drive a car but probably no one has ever had to build their own car. Do you think you would drive if you first had to build a car, probably not.

It's very similar to building websites because a lot of people discount the technical side and if you don't understand it then you're not going to do it. Just as a lot of people wouldn't drive if they had to first build a car so too most don't have successful Internet businesses because they don't understand the technical side of building landing pages, auto responders and free downloads.

Do you think you could run the business if the technical side was done for you? That's the thinking behind giving away done for you funnels, all you have to do is learn how to drive it so you can just focus on running the business.

This is what the first funnel looks like:

funnel number one

The second funnel uses animation to capture attention. It also uses a crazy abstract image and the book on this page jumps out at you because it was designed by a professional graphic designer.
Second Funnel v1
The same graphic designer made this "M Theory Yoga" logo for Alexa's yoga studio.
M Theory Yoga
This is the second version of the landing page, it's a little more corporate, designed so you can't even scroll because we want to control the focal point.
Second Funnel v2

Thank You Page Version 1

If you promote something on the thank you page there's an opportunity to make more than one commission.

When you walk to a door you automatically reach out and turn the handle without thinking about it because it's innate. In the same way people innately want to complete steps so as they work down the TYP there's an opportunity to make money.

Thank you page V1

  • Step 1 - Watch This Important Video First...
    If you've been looking for the PERFECT WAY to build your own online business the search ends here. I've found what I believe to be the #1 opportunity for anyone looking to build their business. This short video explains everything.. and will have you ready to rock!
    [Watch This Short Video Now]
  • Step 2 - Grab This Automation Tool Now...
    Have you ever felt like you "can't do this" when it comes to building your own online business? How would you like to completely AUTOMATE THE ENTIRE THING? This tool is going to do almost everything for you!
    [Checkout This Automation Tool Now]

When you promote something there's typically going to be an associated video to watch.

Don't you think it's good to promote things that you use yourself that bring value to your business. The idea behind the steps is to increase your commissions per conversion so you could for example make Step 1 Instaeasy and Step 2 could be Clickfunnels.

Thank You Page Version 2

Thank you page V2

In this version the steps go across the page instead of vertically. If you make the buttons using BuildRedirect links then you can track which buttons are being clicked most and which ones aren't allowing you to easily change the offers to test something different.



Have you ever felt like you can't do this when it comes to building your own online business?

How would you like to completely automate the entire thing? Clickfunnels is going to do almost everything for you!

Anthony's business does 7 figures a month and he uses Clickfunnels, that ought to tell you something.

In complete transparency these are the results Anthony is getting with the exact funnel he's giving us. In the last month he got 9,734 visitors, 5,590 landed on the TYP at a conversion rate of 57%.

You've got to see this for what it really is, when we talk about the profit cycle multiple things are happening. First of all traffic is coming in and we are grabbing the email address.

Grab Traffic

We have two ways to profit.

Profit point one is people end up on the Thank You page so if you're in network marketing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, an Amazon affiliate, or you sell your own product you can feature it, show it, promote it and sell it on the thank you page. The results above show 5,590 people are looking at the TYP.

Secondly you capture the email so you can build a relationship and continue to sell products over time making even more money.

It doesn't matter what your business is, they all go through a profit cycle.

  • Get traffic.
  • Capture email addresses.
  • Sell a product.
  • Send emails to sell even more products.

If you're not in the Internet Marketing space then you can easily edit the funnel, change the free book and now it's in the weight loss, finance, stock market or dating advice industry. There's a lot of opportunity to build multiple profit cycle businesses.

Look at all the tools Anthony has given recently:

  1. 3 funnels.
  2. Book.
  3. Graphically designed artwork for the book.
  4. 46 days worth of emails.
  5. A lineup of researched offers to promote.

That's a whole lot more than most people are doing. The goal is to start getting you making money.

When you see other students making money you realize the teachings are not just for entertainment but they really work and you need to get your butt in gear. Posting your earnings is inspiring to other people.

  • How did you achieve your success?
  • What were some of the roadblocks?

It trips me out seeing people buying stuff they don't even know why they're buying it, they have no clue. They saw an ad hit their inbox and they decided to buy some stuff - no no no no and more no.

You can't buy your way to success. You can invest in yourself and then invest in your marketing but you can't keep buying everything you see thinking you'll make a fortune from it.

You just don't buy your way to success, you can buy to educate yourself.

Some people say they don't want to buy Clickfunnels because $97 a month is too much then they pay $47 for a software tool that automates Facebook posts. No, you need to rein in the spending and focus.



The next time you get an email telling you to buy some awesome product judge your experience by your relationship with the product creator. If someone doesn't want to interact with you to talk about a product then ignore it and focus on things that bring value to your life.

Really focus on what you're learning because it is a successful direction instead of bouncing all over the place. These are the Rolls Royce of funnels built by someone who does it for a living, who knows what they're doing with some of the best marketers in the industry.

If you steer off course then no one can really help you.

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  • Tina Catterton
    February 15, 2017


    I appreciate your help. I think you are awesome. I have so much to understand & learn about Anthony’s information.
    I just want to make sure of something. Since this is on Anthony’s Success Connection FB; has this been oked by Anthony?
    Thanks for your help,

    • February 16, 2017

      Hi Tina, thank you for your gratitude and I wish you only the best in your journey.

      Around the later half of 2016 Anthony noticed my notes and asked me to write articles for his blog site which I still do. Initially I did it because writing is what I like to do and I was not looking for anything in return.

      As I’m not paid I still need to make an income so I thought I should try and monetize my efforts by implementing what I was learning. Part of that involves duplicating an existing list. Usually it’s your list but in this case I’m relying on members of the Success Connection as they are my ideal audience.

      One thing about marketing that I think is important, I learnt from Tai, is to bring about a win win win scenario.
      For example as an affiliate marketer:
      – win for the marketer;
      – win for the product creator;
      – win for the customer;

      When everyone gains there are no losers. That is my approach with Anthony. I bring value to him by writing articles, you benefit by being able to read them and I benefit by building my list. If Anthony does not approve then my post would be quickly withdrawn and I’d be banished to the never never land.

      whew.. hope that helps

  • John Williamson
    February 15, 2017

    Thank you Michael. What a great piece of work that really breaksdown and explains everything about Anthony’s “Done for You” Funnels. Very much appreciated.

    • February 16, 2017

      Thanks John, I’m glad you found beneficial.

  • Debra Kampa
    February 17, 2017

    Michael – you’re the Best!
    My note taking is really trying to quote word for word becuz I know the trainer says what they mean and mean what they say… not like my scribblings ending with “and somthng and somthin else is . . #$%^!” becuz I can’t write fast enuf and my shorthand is, well, short of helpful if no sense comes of it! Now, at the risk of sounding greedy or ungrateful, I must ask if by chance you have notes from earlier sessions you’d be willin to share? Much Obliged! DK

    • February 18, 2017

      Thanks to technology we are able to learn in the manner that suits us, and learn what we want when we want and how much we want.
      Ok, got that out of the way.
      The short answer is yes I do have notes going wayback… and then some!

      The question of willing to share…

      So Anthony gives us a 90 minute webinar, and where I am that ends at about 12:30 or 1pm Friday.

      I spent the next 10 hours (take out some for meals and breaks) writing my notes.
      The next day for me is Saturday and I spent most of it creating the article on my website and on Anthony’s.

      I do all this FREE. Already way over 12 hours!

      Here is my point, I do this because I love it plain and simple.
      If someone needs my time though, it’s a break in my flow and suddenly I’m not enjoying myself so much.
      That is why people pay me for my time.

      I’m happy to have a conversation free of charge for an hour or so to see if I can help or not.
      After that I charge US$25 per hour, pretty reasonable I think if I can save a lot of time and anguish.

      Anyway that’s how I roll.

      If I can help then please reach out and we can talk about where you are on this journey and if I can assist.
      If it’s a simple question then please be specific and I’ll try my best to answer it.

      Here’s to your success.


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