Facebook Advertising Tips

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  • The 3 ad types are video ads, page post ads, and link ads.
  • Video Ads show in the news feed and people love them as long as they show native advertising like people talking to each other or unique everyday content, not "hey, buy this now". They are most profitable.

  • Page post ads have more real estate and get more engagement (like, share, comment) so they can go viral. They SHOULD NOT look like an ad.
    Carousel ads get the best engagement with more clicks to the website than any other post.
  • Link ads are smaller in the right hand column. The image clicks to the website and they have CTA (call to action) buttons. They will not go viral and get less engagement.
  • Typically ad profits will spike then drop off and if you're not watching them lose money.
    When profits are half the maximum profit quickly make a new ad and stop this one.

    Facebook advertising is not a set it and forget it kind of thing. 

Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook Advertising Tips

There are three types of Facebook ads that we use:

  1. Video Ads
  2. Link Ads
  3. Page Post Ads

It's important to know the difference between the different kinds of ads because knowing the pros and cons of each will determine if they work for you. These are ranked in order of importance, what have made the most profit from Anthony's experience.

Pros and cons

Let's say you have a funny picture that you want people to like and share and talk about then link ads are not the way to go. Link ads should be considered a form of direct response advertising where people expect to see an advertisement in the right hand side.

This link ad from Adrian "Time Is Running Out" has a small image with bold type. If people click the image they goto the website.

Link Ad

This page post ad shows a video but neither it nor an image will click through to your website. To get to the website people have to click the link above the image or the button below the image, and notice the double links above to attract attention.

If you want your page posts ad to work do not make it look like an ad. These ads show up inside your newsfeed so you want to blend in by making sure they look like news from a friend.

What you normally see in the newsfeed is news from friends and family, people you're connected to. If you create your page posts ad so it looks like an ad then you create problems for yourself because people expect ads to be in the right-hand column and they skip past it.

The page post ad is a soft sell but it should look like and feel like it belongs in the news feed.

Psychology comes into play when people look at the right hand column. They expect to look at advertisements but when they're looking in their news feed they're looking for the latest trend, what crazy stuff is going on in the world, what their friends are doing, some kind of entertainment.

Page Post Ad

You can make your video unique and not look like an ad at all. Perhaps it's someone riding a skateboard or a couple in a conversation talking about a product or service.

Let's say you want people to opt in to this internet marketing funnel as an example.

You can make a page post ad just with an image that lists all the benefits people will get from the free giveaway, or you can take a more subtle approach and make a video of you talking to a friend that knows nothing about internet marketing.

Hey George listen, I downloaded this book called "The Top Strategies For Building Your Online Business". I've never built an online business before, I tried a bunch of things that cost a lot of money and didn't work.

I had a look at this book and I'm telling you it laid out very simply the different ways I could build a business online. What I loved so much about it was that the book didn't say you have to do it this way, it was telling me all the different ways I could do it.

George comes on and says:

Hey I've been looking for a book like that myself, where can I get it?

You say:

We've probably got a lot of people watching on Facebook so I'm just gonna put the download link on this post somewhere and if you click that link you'll be able to download the book.

You're not actually talking to the person watching the video you're talking to George just having a conversation and you tell people how they can get the free book through the conversation. That approach, called native advertising, will get so many people to pay attention because we like to watch other people talk.

People don't like to turn on a video ad that says:

Hey, you can get this free book right now so hurry up.
I used it to make money on the Internet...

Because they see that kind of thing all day long.

Second Funnel v2

Try Carousel Ads

Try Carousel Ads because when people are scrolling through the different images they accidentally click on the image which links to your website. These get better engagement and more clicks to the website than any other post.
Carousel Ad


Watch Your Ads Closely

Anthony is currently spending about $125,000 per month on Facebook ads which may sound crazy but he didn't start there, he started with just a few bucks getting a 3 to 4 times ROI.

Typically your profits spike when you begin advertising then they drop off and if you're not watching them you start losing your money. When they decline to about half the maximum profit then that should trigger you to quickly make a new ad.

Facebook advertising is not a set it and forget it kind of thing. You don't start an ad running then never pay attention to it for the rest of your life.

When you start making money on an ad immediately plan for when it doesn't work. Make better more creative ads so when you reach the trigger point you've got something you can instantly implement to spike the profits.

watch your ads closely
Profit Trigger Point
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