22 New Prospects Reaching Out In 48 Hours

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  • Long form testimonial copy;
  • Be open, transparent, vulnerable, authentic and goes deep;
  • Speak to the internal problems your audience are feeling;
  • Talk about how the solution you found (or other) also resolved the internal problem;
  • Use an attention grabbing image that your audience resonates with;
  • Know where your audience hang out online;


Share testimonial results in the form of long copy stories from yourself or others and mix it with the power of Facebook ads to let the story do the prospecting.

When the right people read your story they will see themselves in it. When they see the results you got they'll reach out.


Justice Eagan


Chris is a divorced father of two boys, 6 and 8, who gets to see them 50% of the time. Because he is also working by the time the boys go to bed it's 8 or 9 o'clock and by then he doesn't really want to do prospecting.

This strategy has people that Chris is looking for coming to him asking for information. Now he is scheduling appointments rather than cold calling.

Who can't relate to wanting to start a business but being time poor. Life is vying for your time.

We're not talking about opt in lists which are not personal.

In 2 days Chris got 20 leads and had 5 appointments booked. The conversations are amazing because they're his exact target audience.

Chris Dahlgaard

Key Elements Of Story

"I felt like a loser, less than a dad. I wasn't spending quality time with my kids because I didn't have energy. My health was in a shambles, I was trying to get healthy but I couldn't so I was frustrated."

Chris was looking for people just like him, who were divorced and not giving their kids quality time.

One of the reasons his story works is because he's open, transparent, vulnerable, goes deep and authentic.

  • "This is how I was showing up as a dad"
  • "this is how I felt about myself"

In the story Chris talks about how bad his situation was then one day he realized he wasn't spending quality time with his kids. He was ashamed to admit that he would wish they would just go to bed so he could relax for a minute.

Chris made contact with someone on Facebook and reached out to them because he wanted to know how they were able to live a vibrant life. The person ran a nutrition company.

Chris is now fitter than he has been in a long time and enjoying quality time with his boys. His business is starting to experience success and he's helping other people who are low on energy with health problems.

He's really found his calling to help other dads that are stressed, overweight and exhausted.

There's no pitch, it's just a great story with a call to action to comment if other dads like Chris would like to know what he was shown. When they comment they are pre qualified leads.

How would you like to wake up in the morning and check your Facebook ad with a cup of coffee and see all the pre qualified leads that had come in overnight.

Setting Ad Expectations

You can't take away a couple of points make an ad and expect to get amazing results.

  1. What were some of the processes you went through to take it from being unproductive to producing 10 leads per day?
  2. It is a trial-and-error process of split testing different images and composing the story. You cannot take the approach of thinking you know what will work.

3 Problems

  1. External. My pants don't fit. I need to lose weight. I've got low energy.
  2. Philosophical: Ethical struggles.
  3. Internal emotional: I don't feel like a good dad. I feel like I'm failing my kids. I feel like I'm squandering this time. Something's gotta change.

People don't buy based on external problems. They buy because they believe you can solve their internal problem.

Solving the external problem is the bridge by which the internal problem is solved.

Nobody cares about the weight loss and low energy products until they believe there is a direct connection to them feeling better about their internal problem. Chris has told a story not about a guy that needs to lose weight but from the perspective of a dad that needs to be better for his kids.

Gaining energy and losing weight is the vehicle to becoming a better dad.

Not feeling good about himself as a dad is the reason for losing weight and finding an energy solution.

The people reaching out to Chris are not doing so because they want to lose weight, or to save money on groceries. They're reaching out because they see Chris has solved his internal problem of being a better father.

Write your story in a way that moves people to action, then put it in front of the right audience.


There's a Facebook page called single dad laughing with 1.2 million likes. The targeting was very simple:

English speaking US men 26 to 45 that like singledadlaughing.

This initial ad was posted on Feb 18th, 2017 with a different picture but it didn't work until Chris put an image of a lady in a bikini. You've got to get inside your avatar's head, what attention grabbing natural image do they want to see.

The page then started getting comments on Feb 23rd.

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