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  • Do what you love, tell your truth, have fun and be happy every day;
  • Get your hands dirty to as well as knowing things in theory;
  • Get on the platforms that have people's attention;
Dublin Tech Summit

Clouds And Dirt

Success is not about having a whole lot of money but it's waking up every morning and being extremely happy.

  • The world is in a much better place;
  • Optimistic;
  • Hate cynicism;
  • Have perspective;
  • 400 trillion to 1 against being a human;
  • Driven by gratitude;

If you're just a headline reader you won't be successful because your head is in the clouds. These people read the articles and books and have heard both sides of the arguments and talk in theory but they're not a practitioner.

Other people are in the dirt and know how everything works.

So many young entrepreneurs are being tricked simply because they're faking their success. They haven't put in the 13 years of 15 hour daily hard work growing a wine business from 3 million to 60 million dollars a year.

You can't trick winners, but you can sniff out the losers.

Day Trading Attention

As a six-year-old Gary would trick his friends to stand behind the lemonade stand while he sat down on the corner of a busy street figuring out which tree or lamppost got the most driver attention where he would then stick his poster.

He knew he had to follow the attention.

It was the same thing when he sold baseball cards. He would look at how customers were looking at his table and then rearrange the cards based on that.

  • Have zero emotion invested in any one platform.
  • Where is the attention today?
  • Where is it underpriced?
  • Where is it overpriced?

Television commercials are probably watched but they're overpriced for the attention they get. Like smoke signals, it's not a good use of your time.

All new platforms are awesome in the beginning until the advertisers come and ruin it.

Build your strategy around attention because nothing else matters. There's always a period of time of 1 to 3 years when a new platform is grossly under priced and it's your job to seize it.

It's your job to figure out how to sell your product or service on the new platform.

The world is changing so quickly that you can't become emotionally invested in a decision you made seven months ago just because Snapchat was rising in popularity and taking viewers from Instagram. Instagram implements 7 Snapchat features and now it's stronger than ever.

Have a top line strategy like knowing the mobile phone is the new television and make the best content on whatever platform has the attention.

Triple down on who you are and what you know. The only thing you will successfully sell is your truth, things you believe in and it's fun.

Whether it fits your philosophical view of life or not you are first and foremost a media company. Now you have to storytell whatever it is you're selling to the mindset of the person on the platform they use. A woman shopping on Instagram has a different way of thinking than when she's on Facebook catching up with her friends.

The debate doesn't matter, the result does.

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