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  • Learn from someone that practices what they teach.
  • People like pages where they can see themselves in the picture so include images of people doing the actions you want them to take.
  • Different types of people (creative or analytical) respond to different things. List of features in black text on white pages or colorful flashy movies. Taylor the page to your audience.
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Anthony received 2 Two-Comma awards from Clickfunnels in recognition for making over a million dollars worth of sales from his funnels. Now he is giving us those exact funnels.

We seldom hear about the success he's experiencing because it is more important to stay connected, motivated and learning. It's also important to see the potential of what you can achieve from a practitioner.


Funnel Freebies

The opt in page shows people they can get a free book and it leads them to enter their email address. You can also give away:

  • Books;
  • Video courses;
  • Reports;
  • Software. This has a really high perceived value so it can attract a lot of people;
  • Check lists;
  • Case studies. These typically appeal to more advanced Internet marketers because they require a lot of in depth reading;

Books and videos are more engaging, less intrusive and more common but we already have the Top Strategies book. A lot of people are making money simply by promoting Clickfunnels so on the way back from the convention Anthony drew out a funnel to promote it as well.

The opt in page heading will say "Free Profit Cycle Training" then "Your Presenter" with some info and a photo of Anthony. Again we are leveraging his success.

The "Thank You" page will have one to three videos that provide funnel training. At the bottom is a free funnel and a Clickfunnels sign up button using your affiliate link to get recurring monthly income.

People like to see other people on opt in pages so the existing page was reworked to have an edgy millennial making money kind of look.
new funnel dude looking
The other thing people like is simplicity at the bottom of your opt in page, like simple black on white text with not a lot going on so people stop and read it.

There are two types of people, analytical and creative.

Analytical thinkers want to see contrast so they'll take the time to read a newspaper, black on white text and bullet point features.

Creative people don't have time to read the newspaper because they've always got something going on. They prefer to get their news in video format on Facebook and Yahoo because it's got colorful flashy movement.

Creative people also like to imagine themselves doing the thing they're looking at and that's why there is a picture of a guy working on the computer.

This second funnel doesn't have a whole lot going on, you can't even scroll.

We want people to focus on learning how to use their fingers to stroke a keyboard to build a business that makes money from home. The images help people focus on what an Internet marketer does.

20170302_00020.1 new funnel typing
We want people to focus on learning how to use their fingers to stroke a keyboard to build a business that makes money from home. The images help people focus on what an Internet marketer does.
20170302_00025.1 TYP
20170302_00025.2 TYP

The Number 1 Goal

The goal is to give people so much value that they end up subscribing and signing up for clickfunnels.

The first piece of value they get on the thank you page is the profit cycle training that talks about the need for a funnel. The next piece of value is a free funnel but in order to get it they need to sign up with Clickfunnels.

"I really wish these stupid arsed gurus would just teach what they actually do
instead of teaching me something just for the purpose of selling me something".

When you use Clickfunnels it allows Anthony to do things for you instead of dreaming up a disparate topic to teach. Now he can build out an entire business and just give it to us.

We don't really learn until we take action so it's important to learn micro steps that you can implement and build upon. It's like the difference between learning to drive from a book compared to actually getting in the car and driving.

You will learn so much more about internet marketing, about building a business and having success by doing it instead of just watching a video of somebody else do it. By getting the Clickfunnels platform you're no longer sitting on the sidelines watching but you're in the game on the field pitching the ball.

When you promote a product simply because it's good and you don't even care if you're making money from it that's when you can focus on helping people at the receiving end. Go into an ethical business the right way selling products that you use yourself and you'll end up with better results in the long term.

If your only focus is on how much money you can make then years later you'll regret selling products that don't work. A good way of deciding to sell a product is to ask if you'd sell it to your parents, spouse or friend.

20170302_00032 Number one goal
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