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  • Email copy. Answer questions they may have.
  • Write in an 'assumed sale' way as if they bought the product. Also make sure your email talks to those that didn't buy.
  • Speak to those that want to make money, those that want to know the benefits and those that follow their passion.
  • Use [Resending].
  • Give away valuable tips and teachings.
  • Tell people where they actually make money.
  • At the end use scarcity to convert even more people.
  • Eliminate objections: You don't need a big list. You don't have to send emails every day. These are quick and easy steps.
20170316 01.0 FREE two-comma funnel

Last week I was given access to two landing pages for split testing. The first has a video and the second has an image of a video that does not play but opens the opt in page.

These pages are the first step of a new funnel that promotes Clickfunnels.

Landing page with video
Landing page without video
This is the opt in page...
opt in page

And what opt in page wouldn't have a thank you page...

But most thank you pages don't have a 2 step promotion attached.

Step 1 tells people to sign up to Clickfunnels. This needs to be changed to your affiliate link so when someone clicks and signs up to Clickfunnels you are going to get paid a 40% recurring revenue.

Step 2 gives people a complete funnel designed by Anthony which he is giving us permission to give away.

The funnel they get for free has a free ebook about marketing. Do you think if they can launch an entire business in 20 minutes that they will cancel Clickfunnels, probably not. That's the thinking behind giving them an entire funnel.

Thank you page
2 step offer

Autoresponder Email Series

Day 0

This email is sent as soon as someone subscribes. The very first paragraph builds credibility by saying this is a proven funnel crushing it for many people.

The email goes on to smoothly make a transition that the emails are not coming from Anthony but from you. Anthony passed the torch to us and we are now passing it on to others.

We then go on to tell them that they must activate their Clickfunnels account in order to install the funnel. It has a free 14 day trial period.

The second thing they need to do is install the funnel. The second link in the email takes them to the thank you page so even if they haven't got clickfunnels yet they'll get another reminder to go and get it.

This is a powerful email:

  • You welcome them to the team;
  • Your passing the torch from Anthony to them;
  • You're telling them others have had success;
  • You're showing Anthony's success;
20170316 04.1 Day 0

Day 2

It's very important that people see that first email so we use a powerful [resending] technique which basically sends the first email again.
20170316 04.2 Day 2

Day 4

This email talks with the assumption that people have got their Clickfunnels account and set up their funnel business. This is the assumed sale.

We are setting the expectation that setting up their funnel does not take a long time. This email plants the seed that Clickfunnels can be used to monitor their statistics, the health of their business.

This email is building goodwill by teaching somebody these three simple tips that will help them along the way. It's showing them that we are serious about getting them started so if they were sceptical they may now take action.

We're knocking down walls, helping people over the hump to jump off the fence and take action.

20170316 04.3 Day 4

Day 6

As people read this email they will think there's a lot of people doing this with similar questions. If they aren't doing this then they'll feel left out and nobody wants to feel left behind.

This email hits three different types of people:

  1. Those that just want to make money.
  2. The more analytical person who has been trying to do marketing and they know conversions are important so we drop that word.
  3. Those people that want to be comfortable and passionate about the business they do. Something they know, like, trust and are passionate about and enjoy.

We've given them links to profit centres, a network that makes them money. The hope is that they will go ClickBank, have a look around and see people like getting paid 50% and $42 or whatever.

When they come back to this email they see how people are getting wired money, they can do something that they're passionate about but it only makes sense if they to take these simple steps. This email teaches where to make money as well as slipping in another link to Clickfunnels.

If you have a big list you don't know who has already bought Clickfunnels and you have a lot of people that haven't. When you craft these emails you need to give value to those already converted so they don't feel they're being sold the same thing.

Someone that already has Clickfunnels is also getting value by learning about ClickBank.

20170316 04.4 Day 6

Day 8

This email addresses a common question some people have and that is "what should I promote?". It helps those that haven't bought Clickfunnels yet by pointing out what to promote and it helps those that do have Clickfunnels but are still confused.

One of your goals should be to learn how to write these emails for yourself.

The question of where to make money will appeal to most people so telling them where the profit points are is important.

This email excites both groups of people, those that have Clickfunnels and those that haven't taken action yet because it is also teaching. You don't need a big list, and you don't have to send emails every day.

20170316 04.5 Day 8

Day 12

The first five emails just gave value but on day 12 and 14 it's all about dropping the pitch for people that haven't bought yet. They have had four days to digest the other emails but now it's time to introduce some scarcity so they take action.

You're telling people if they haven't done it by now they're probably going to miss out and they won't be able to do it.

The tone of the email has changed. We're no longer giving tips and teaching but we're saying hey you've gotta do this now.

Some people on your list need that scarcity before they take action.

Good value has been given to people that bought and the analytical people that may have questions. No you've got to address people that won't take action unless they feel some scarcity.

20170316 04.6 Day 12

Day 14

Day 14 is short with 2 thank you page links. This is a little more salesy a little more hype because it's the last shot to sell, to have people take action.
20170316 04.7 Day 14

Day 16

This email is coming from you but the video is from Anthony so it has to be positioned correctly.

Someone reading this email might be distracted and not know who Anthony is but when they read "Ferrari" they'll stop and pay attention. By telling people to watch a video halfway through it generates curiosity and they wonder what it is all about.

The link sends people to the new follow up page that has a video message saying people are already getting Clickfunnel signups and making money:

  • Steve is, Cathy is, Yaz is, David, Sherin, Andre, Donna, Bill, Robin, Kwon, Eric, Terry, Roberta, Thomas, Randy, Eldorus, ...
email day 16

Day 18

Day 18 using the resending method. The subject line doesn't even say what the email is about.

If people did not see the previous email they will feel they missed something and here is a second chance. Second chances resonate with people because tons of people need and want a second chance so you need to tap into that psychology and show this is their second chance.

email day 18

At the end of the day if these emails don't convert then you're not gonna make a lot of money. If you're not going to make money then what's the point of putting a funnel together.

The idea of showing the awards is not to say they are going to make a million dollars, it's just shows what is possible and Facebook is more relaxed about that.

Make sure the video on your landing page does not automatically play and the controls are visible. Doing otherwise may result in Facebook not approving your ad.

Bye for now.

20170316 05.1 Email profit cycle
20170316 13 First creative image
20170316 14 Second creative image
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