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Zen Notes, 20170323

Great lesson Anthony, good job


  • New Thank You Page video.
  • Think positive - "I am going to breakthrough the barriers".
  • 2 new emails (day 16,18) for the autoresponder focusing on a second chance.
  • New emails link to a followup page.
  • Stupid sick new video.
  • Some crazy story ad copy.
An Archaeologist is the Best Husband

Last Weeks Funnel

The landing page video has Anthony with a quirky look but sometimes that can work in our favor and people click to check it out.
Quirky look

The original thank you page video was put in by mistake so this is the modified thank you page with a new video.

People are skeptical about whether or not the person they're listening to is telling the truth or not. They need to see evidence so driving around in a Ferrari is a subtle hint that this person has made money doing what they're teaching and it increases their trust.

New TYP Video

New Follow Up Page

Steps are important so when they see they are on step 2 of 3 they feel closer to completion.

We're not using false scarcity by saying the price will go up tomorrow, we're just saying launch your business while it's free.

Follow up page

Additional Emails

The two new emails link to the new followup page. They have been appended to the previous 14 day series found here.
An Archaeologist is the Best Husband

This New Video Is Stupid Sick And It's Free

You don't want a video longer than 30 seconds on Facebook because people won't watch it. You want a video that gets people's attention, one that flows well, intrigues people and it should increase the click through rate.

You can't say:

I made two million dollars using Clickfunnels - You can too!

People see these and they instantly think they're music-related awards so they stop to take a closer look and realise they represent 2 million dollars in revenue. It's visually saying "I made 2 million dollars" just not in so many words and Facebook doesn't have an issue with that.

We're using these awards to promote our funnel. People will probably think they're clicking on an ad from Anthony because it then goes to a landing page with him on it and they get his funnel when they sign up to Clickfunnels.

In all transparency Anthony says he is giving his students permission to use his content.

There isn't a voice-over but the video speaks for itself and there may be a voice version later if this one doesn't work.

New Super Sick Video

Facebook Ad Copy

There are two types of people that respond to Facebook ads, those that click because of images and those that click "see more" and read the copy. If someone reads the copy it will likely impact their decision to click the link so try to tell a story and appeal to both groups.

The links in the copy should take them to your optin page.

"Wow… I had no idea a single "Profit Cycle Funnel" could actually change my life…"

Do you think that sentence would grab attention and intrigue people.

I was so lucky to have met a great mentor who actually gave this to me for free… he even gave me permission to allow others to use it.. <— Get Your Funnel For Free <— Get Your Funnel For Free

The idea is to have the links to show before the words "see more" as in this example:

see more

There is no reason not to have long copy especially as it converts better in split testing. You want to pre sell people before they arrive at the landing page.

It’s part of the whole #payitforward movement..

There are certain things in life that motivate us that unite us and it doesn't matter if you're black or white, it doesn't matter what your political affiliation is or the level of your education. Things like paying it forward are the fibre that makes us who we are.

This idea that we have success and pay it forward by sharing it with other people is something that many people buy into because it moves them. Making people feel some emotion is what moves the needle, it makes them stop pay attention and read the copy.


Next is where you need to tell your own story. There's no point in telling Anthony's story and there's no point in him trying to make one up for you so use this to model from.

We are overcoming objections without saying:

  • This isn't fake;
  • This does work;
  • This doesn't cost a lot of money;
  • You won't struggle anymore;

As we tell the story people will relate to the parts they experience themselves:

"Oh I click on hundreds of emails too and I buy things that don't work. I'm tired of it and it cost me a lot of money, I wish I could have something that worked, gosh I can help people too."

FB ad copy

So we are trying all those objections into our story. Remember when people click the link they're going to see Anthony so we need to make that transition.

We are overcoming a common objection that people have which is they say they always fail. Well they fail because they don't get started and here is a single click to get them started.


Now we talk about their responsibility to share this funnel too.

We've overcome all the objections people have for not taking action because we're telling them upfront there are no tricks on the other side of the click.


Those "Yes" and "No" link to the exact same place. If you use copy like this then you'll break every objection people have for not clicking the link.
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