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  • Use a mix of paid traffic and organic SEO;
  • Do market research, competition analysis and keyword analysis;
    SEMRush.comAdBeat.comyoutube.com SEMrushHQ
    ID keywords, ad spend, display ads, websites, social media, vertical markets.
  • Create a market map showing competitors, landing pages and keywords;
  • book - Social Media Marketing for Dummies
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Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Review Notes

Josh Earp On Why You Should Offer SEO To Your Clients

Some guys like Tony Robbins have heaps of energy and then others need to work on their speaking skills.
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You don't have to just offer social media marketing to your clients you can also offer to do SEO for them, that's organic traffic.
The thing about organic traffic is it's really spiky and unpredictable.
It does let you do FREE split testing.
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Paid traffic on the other hand is predictable. You pay for ads, get traffic and pull the money out.

When it comes to traffic Google is the 800 pound gorilla that no one beats.

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Ideally you want to do a combination of paid and organic traffic so you get a boner when you pay for ads then organic traffic kicks in and stops it from falling to zero.
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3 Things To Focus On Before You Pay For Ads

Before you start paying for advertising these are the three things you need to focus on first.

  1. Market Research

One of the best types of market research you can do is to spy on your competitors because they've already done the work of split testing ads and they know what keywords work and what don't work.

Go to SEMRush.com to see what keywords others are using. You can also use AdBeat.com which shows the display ad creatives.

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  1. Competitive Analysis

Let's say your client does roofing so you'll want to find all the direct competitors in your market segment.

  • What keywords are they paying for?
  • What display ads do they use?
  • What websites do they advertise on?
  • What social media are they on?

Then look at all the different vertical markets that serve your niche. For homes there are plumbers, tilers, painters, architects, builders, surveyors...

The idea is to find where all your competitors and vertical markets are advertising. Then you simply create ads and do SEO on your website.

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3. Keyword Analysis


What keywords are getting the most traffic and how much are they paying for it. You'll be able to see exactly how much traffic is paid and how much is organic.

Doing these 3 things will give you a market map.
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Part 2 Down The Loo

We're not going to bother reviewing the other part of the course because it shows how to use SEMRush.

If you want to know how to use it just go to YouTube and search for SEMRush because they have their own tutorial videos on how to use it.


The question remains, is this course worth US$997.00 and so far the verdict is no because most of it you can find for free just by searching google or YouTube. The good thing about it is he's put all the content in one place.

It's not that the information isn't good because it is, it's just not worth a thousand dollars.

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Just go and buy "Social Media Marketing for Dummies" on Amazon and it'll tell you everything you need to do for $12.
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