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Zen Notes, 20170515

The First Step To Success

Instead of looking ahead to the future just focus on what you're doing today.

A lot of people are thinking too much like when they go to the store for some groceries. They start thinking:

  • Is the store open;
  • Do they have what I want;
  • Is there traffic;

These mind monkeys stop you from beginning the journey of going to the store.

Your goals, dreams and aspirations are nothing without action. Without action you'll disappoint yourself every time.

One thing you must accept as a fact is not everybody around you has your best interest at heart. When you get distracted by what everyone else wants you to do then you're not moving forward toward your goal.

20170515 05

You're going to reach a point in your life where you say you really want something and you may not know what that is right now. If you feel in your gut that you are destined for something different and you want to create a change in your life then stop thinking too much.

Steve Harvey talks about taking that first step as a leap of faith, just jump:

  • No parachute;
  • Not knowing where you'll end up;

When Sonny moved to France he didn't plan anything he just left.

There was a two-year period in Texas from 2000 when he looked at the border and didn't go to Mexico. It was horrible, he lost his dog, his wife left, he got sick, a real country song and the worst two years of his life, absolutely fucking terrible!

He even said to himself "I need to leave the country". The only thing that stopped him was a 9 millimeter in the trunk of his car when he could have sold it or thrown it away but you can't take guns into Mexico.

When the border came up again in San Diego 2002 it was time to jump with just $600 in his pocket, his TV and an old computer with a 17" monitor. Since that time Sonny has been around the world 3 times living in foreign countries without speaking the language.

You can hesitate, listen to all the reasons why you shouldn't and run into the worst time of your life or you can jump and have the best time of your life, live a fucking awesome quality of life doing whatever you want whenever you want on your own terms without owing shit.

20170515 04

Nothing Is Perfect

In the eighties women were particularly guilty of having a list when getting married. They wanted a guy that:

  • Had a job in IT;
  • Was worth a million dollars;
  • Was a church going Christian;
  • ...

They were even articles telling woman that garbage collectors were real men as well that they shouldn't be so picky.

20170515 03

It's the same thing with entrepreneurs who're making a list of things they need like an LLC and a website. You don't need perfection, just get started.

When it makes sense to get a website then get one. When it's time to open an LLC then get one. When you need an accountant then get one.

20170515 07

The most important thing is to take action and get started. Oh shit:

  • I need to change the logos;
  • I need to upload the free docs;
  • I need to update the subject lines;
  • I need to upload the photos;

It's the momentum of getting things done that leads to perfection later. It's the same deal with your social media marketing agency that is tripping you up, nothing's perfect so just get started.

20170515 08

Sonny started as a ecom guy but he's really a Facebook ads Yoda. His thing is really funnels the marketing, sales and traffic.

Instead of starting a social media marketing agency today he'd just start a Facebook Ads Agency.

Everybody is getting mixed up with the difference between management and marketing. Richard manages Sonny's Instagram by taking content and making posts, he isn't doing marketing.

Don't stop at the border for some simple reason, just jump.

20170515 12

For the last three years Sonny and his wife have been talking about moving to the south of France but they always find a reason not to move. Every year they found a reason to say no:

  • The home is so comfortable;
  • It's so hard to leave;
  • Russell Brunson's new book was coming;
  • A survival niche package from China was coming;

Comment below and let Sonny know in the group if you're interested in him doing a FREE Amazon FBA series.


20170515 10

He just left and moved. Then his car died and he had a decision to make:

  • Turn around and go home;
  • Continue to the south of France;

Two weeks later it's beautiful, the weather is warm every day and going for a drive through the countryside is lovely. When the car died it was absolutely horrible but now he's happy he didn't turn back.

Was it a sign from God as a test of will or a sign that things will get better, or maybe it was just an engine low oil sign. Change is uncomfortable but it's better to change before you're forced to.

20170515 09
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