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The purpose of funnel 7 is to show the perception of successful people like you. You’re going to make more money by showing success stories from others like yourself than if you just show Anthony’s success.

Do you feel success is more achievable if you see someone like yourself having success or someone like Anthony?

Over 200 video testimonials were sent in so instead of watching them all one by one they were just selected at random to try and get a broad representation of ages, gender and nationalities. If there’s an older person who says they can’t do this then Anthony has a video testimonial from a 72 year old woman that is making money.

There are testimonials from all ages and walks of life that are making this work. These 2 steps take people that never had subscribers, never made a dollar online and never had anything work to having their own business making money.

There are 2 versions of the optin page so be sure to split test them.

This optin page has the email box and button under the video.


This version of the optin page has the video beside the email box and button.

The Video shows testimonials from students just like you that are making over $500 per month using a 2 step system with Anthony narrating. What’s exciting is now you’ve got other people saying they got this program followed the two steps and now they’re making money.

We don’t talk about all the details like the different autoresponders, solo ads and optin pages. This video prepares people to follow the 2 steps on the next page.

Thank You Page

The thank you page says you’re just a couple of steps away from getting a complete done for you funnel. taking Taking some of the background graphics away and simplifying the page makes it easier for people to focus on the 2 steps.

Step 1 – Get Clickfunnels;
Step 2 – Launch your free business;

There are so many scams online that we have to go above and beyond what everyone else is doing to convince people that this is legitimate and worth taking action on.

Next Week

The training next week doesn’t come around very often and hasn’t been done for 18 months. It is so special that there won’t be a regular replay except for those that on live.

How would you like to plug in one component to your funnel and 10X your results?

This will help you build your business and encourage people to stick so they don’t cancel. People are making an absolute fortune doing this and they haven’t got the assets we have access to.


Links To The Treasure Chest

The link below requires a password which is given out during the live webinar. It is also has a cutoff time beyond which it will not work.

Shared Funnel Link Here

The first keyword for the August giveaway is Perception.

You learn a lot from people that have more experience than you and it’s no different with Bob Proctor who likes to convey his teachings by writing on napkins if necessary. Bob talked about how we perceive the things we see and read, like this sentence for example:

This can be read as someone will help you build your business which makes sense. It can also be read as someone will help you as “you build your business”. 

Your perception is your reality. You want to have the right perception of what we’re doing so you understand reality and that only takes place when you stay focused, listen and learn as a group together throughout this training.

We can look at things in multiple ways so how you perceive things is not always the reality. It’s important to be open to the opportunity to look at things from different angles.

There is one thing that I absolutely believe and that is no one is ever 100% absolutely right.

We all have our own perception of what we think is accurate and right. You’ll never see a more prominent example of that than in politics where Democrats think they’re right and Republicans think they’re right.

We can see the chaos that goes on when people have an absolute conviction that they are right, people shoot each other simply because they don’t have the same belief. When people believe they are absolutely right 100% of the time they are not open to looking at something from a different perspective.

We can learn a lot from what we see happening in the world right now. Someone’s situation may be different to our own so their perception of the world will also be different to ours.

If we can accept that other people have different perceptions then as a society we might stop judging people just because they don’t share our beliefs.

We can also prevent a lot of failure because failure happens when:

  • you choose to believe that you’re always right;
  • you never ask for the help you need;
  • you’re never open to the help from the community;
  • you believe it doesn’t work;

I can assure you it works because many people are making it work everyday. They got Clickfunnels got the funnel and started earning an income.



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