Tap Dance Out Of Bed Every Day

  • Do You Want To Travel The World?
  • Do You Want To Make Money?
  • Explore New Countries?
  • Meet Interesting People?
  • Would You Like To Get Paid MORE Than Working A 40+ Hour Job?

If you have to take a vacation from work you shouldn't go back.

It's not about taking a vacation from your work but making your life one long vacation that makes money.

This is the next evolution.

The travelling CEO is more than just making money. This is making money, enjoying the fruits of your labor and having money left over to invest.

If you do this wrong you won't be a travelling CEO you'll be a failed CEO. Travel and work the wrong way and your health will go down hill you'll get stressed, gain weight, you'll lose contact with friends and you won't feel good.

Let Tai show you how you can be your own CEO.

Do you want to travel, make profit and have the most adventurous fun of your life. If you do that you won't live like the masses in quiet desperation. If you don't think it can be done you're resigning yourself to live a life you don't even like.

Your number one fear should be to avoid that situation.

2006 was a time when Tai was living in the dark, losing money with no social life and now he is living his dream lifestyle and he wants to show other people how to do this. When you start out you may not be able to do all these things, you need to work up to them you may not even care.

To have the freedom to choose to do the stuff they only dream about without actually doing them is a very exciting feeling. It irreplaceable and more important than money.

It's like having a Ferrari without gas, you've gotta have money for fuel. Money in this situation equals freedom.

You need a business that you can take with you, one that is not negatively affected when you travel but makes more money. That's the golden ticket right there that no one figures out.

Month 1 - The Overall Battle Plan

Month 2 - Travel Secrets

Month 3 - How To Build A Small Business As A Travelling CEO

Month 4 - How To Subcontract The Hard Work To Other People

Money is a tool that works for you.

You don't want to burn out by trying to work wherever you happen to be sleeping. Use the Travel Rotation System. What does it profit you to have everything you want but hate your life.

"Hi my name is Bob,

I'm the head of a small executive service company and I fix problems for companies that they don't have time to fix."

14 Grand in a Week

Make it for $5 sell them for $20
13k in a week on Shopify
A 17 year old making spinners for people with ADD. He was offered $500,000 for his business.

Show me how